According to Google Workshop - 29 August 2019

The 5 steps Google tells you to take to get to page 1

How can I get my website to page 1 of Google?

Google gets asked this question every day and they've given us the answer - find out what it is in this workshop.

Is this answer freely available on the internet? Yes, of course it is. Most information is available if you can find it or spare the time to go looking.

Alternatively, you can save yourself time and listen in here on the 29th August plus you can ask me questions!

Your Instructor


I have years of experience of project managing websites and I still get a buzz out of helping business owners to get started on the web. I have published literally thousands of websites, working with startups right through to global multinationals.

I love teaching people how to use technology to advance their business. I do freelance digital marketing work for a limited number of companies and wanted to share the knowledge built up over the years. Running these courses means I can reach more people.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?
The workshop will be released on 22 August for you to watch in your own time.
What format does the course take?
The course is video with audio (my voice!) and notes or links below the videos.

"..this lady is so good she has been incredible totally recommend her! Xx

"I absolutely loved watching this course. Some really valuable information and I loved how your personality shines through here. Great job!!!

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